IP65 Inclinometer Digital Protractor

Product Description

Supply IP65 spirit level with backlight digital display inclinometer professional slope slope horizontal angle measuring instrument DIGITAL PROTRACTOR
 IP65 waterproof spirit level digital display inclinometer with backlight professional slope slope level angle measuring instrument
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Use range

1.1 Industrial automation: metallurgy, industrialization, petroleum exploration, light industry coal, instrumentation, etc .;

1.2. Automotive industry: four-wheel alignment, road control, equalization of construction vehicles;

1.3 Machinery industry: the level of lathes and chip work platforms;

2. Product Features:

2.1, 4 * 90 degree multi-quadrant measurement.

2.2 When the inclinometer is turned upside down, the angle reading displayed on the LCD will automatically flip upwards for easy reading.

2.3. Precision aluminum alloy measurement structure.

2.4, 0-degree and 90-degree audible prompts.

2.5. Backlight display characteristics, convenient for accurate reading during use.

2.6 IP protection level: IP65

2.7, EMC: Level 2
5. Function Description

 5.1. Backlight characteristics: When the backlight function is on, the backlight can be turned on for about 30S at the same time when any key is pressed.

5.2. Automatic shutdown: The product will automatically turn off the power without button operation for about 5 minutes.

Preparation for use: Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the product, put two AAA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment, and close the battery compartment cover.

5.3 Measurement: Press the [Power Switch] key to directly enter the angle measurement state, and the LCD screen will display the angle between the measured surface and the horizontal plane.

5.4. Relative measurement: Put the product on a surface to be measured, press the "ON / REF / OFF" key, the LCD screen displays 0.00 °, and the relative angle measurement prompt "REF" appears at the top right of the LCD screen. Move to the second measured surface. At this time, the LCD display value is the relative angle between the two measured surfaces. When the [ON / REF / OFF] key is pressed again, it is converted to angle measurement.

5.5. Inclination measurement: short press “lower right key” to switch between °, mm / m,%, in / ft, and display the corresponding prompt at the same time.

  mm / m: when the angle is in the range of 0 ~ 45 °, H = L? tgα; when the angle is in the range of 45 ° ~ 90 °, H = L? (1 / tgα). Where L = 1000 (mm).

H = 1000 · │tg15│ = 268 (mm)

  %: When the angle is in the range of 0 ~ 45 °, H = L? Tgα; When the angle is in the range of 45 ° ~ 90 °, H = L? (1 / tgα). Where L = 100 (mm).

in / ft: when the angle is in the range of 0 ~ 45 °, H = (1000 * L? tgα) / 125 is an integer * 125/1000); when the angle is in the range of 45 ° ~ 90 °, H = (1000 * L ? (1 / tgα) / 125 takes the integer * 125/1000). Where L = 12 (in).

5.6. Sound prompt: Press and hold the "upper left button" for two beeps to enter the sound prompt state. In this state, the sound will continue to sound at the angle of 0.00 and 90.00. Press and hold the "upper left button" again for a sound and exit the sound prompt state.

5.7 Calibration function:

The product has a calibration function, which is used when there is an error in the measurement angle value. The calibration method is as follows:

(1) When the product is on, place the product on a flat surface, and press the upper left button and lower left button at the same time, "-1-" is displayed at this time;

(2) Press the lower left button, the display will flash “-1-” for a period of time. After the flashing, the display will display “-2-”

(3) After turning the ruler body 180 °, press the lower left button again. At this time, the display flashes “-2-” for a while. After the flashing, it returns to the normal measurement state, and the calibration is completed.

5.8 Magnetic force

 The product is adsorbed on the iron or steel vertical surface (roughness 0.42μm). Without external force, the product will not automatically slide down.

6. Product certification

Products meet CE (EMC), ROHS, PAHS certification testing requirements.

7. Product maintenance and care

7.1 This product is a precision protection instrument, you must pay attention to: 1. It is forbidden to wipe with organic solvents and pay attention to corrosion protection; 2. This product is not resistant to falling, and the precision protection structure of the product may be damaged after falling.

7.2 Avoid collision and abrasion on the working surface of this product. If there is any dirt after measurement, please wipe it with a soft cloth in time to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy of the product.

7.3 If not used for a long time, please remove the dry battery to prevent battery leakage and damage to the instrument.

7.4 The product should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of not more than 90% at -20 ° C to + 70 ° C.

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